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The National park 'Salinas y Arenales' near San Pedro

Spend your next holiday in a holiday home near the gorgeous national park of ‘Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar’, which is located right by Mar Menor. Experience the beaches and lagoons in this area with a NOVASOL holiday home. Broad sandy beaches near shallow water are common in the area, and few of them are more than 20 minutes from our holiday rentals. The shallow water, calm ocean, and broad beaches makes a trip to the beaches in the area a stress free experience for parents. If you do not fancy a day at the sea there is a very nice region nearby, between San Javier and San Pedro del Pinatar. The region is dominated by soft rolling hills and plains, interspersed with pine forests. Another popular excursion is to go visit the ‘white mountains’ of the national park, salt piles which have been collected from the lagoons. There is a large industrial salt production in the area, but some of the worlds most valuable, and according to some people tastiest, salt also comes from this area, and it is used in kitchens all over the world. The salt is collected without using any machines or chemicals, instead workers wait for the sun to evaporate all the water in small pools in the shallow areas near the coast, and then all the leftover salt can be collected. The national park and the salt flats give the area a very unique character. Birds such as herons and flamingos stop here on their way south, which has made the area very popular with birdwatchers. Because of the area’s very peculiar wildlife, minerals, and bacteria it has a unique visual character and is very famous among photographers. Last but not least, many cyclists travel to the area to bike around it’s peculiar landscape.