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The Masurian Lake District

The beautiful Masurian Lake District is located in the north-eastern part of Poland and consists of several visually stunning lakes. There are two that stand out from the others in terms of size. These are the lakes called ’Śniardwy’ and ’Mamry’. One of the most exciting attractions in this area are the ruins that lie hidden beneath the hills of Poland’s landscape. With a NOVASOL holiday cottage your self catering holiday to Poland will have an ideal starting point.
The size of the Masurian Lake District is very impressive. It covers an area of over 1700 square kilometres. There are many attractions and a wide range of activities here such as several bathing and fishing areas, bicycle routes and a beautiful scenery in the nature.
For those who fancy something a bit more extreme there are kayak and canoe tours that can be experienced. There are also many boat docks here. This Lake District is simply perfect for most kinds of water sports.
Another exciting thing to see here are all the small wild horses that run around in the nature. These are bred locally and then set free. They are, however, managed and kept track of by nature administrators. Go for a walk through the forest in this area from your NOVASOL holiday cottage for self catering. Maybe you will get to see some of these small wild horses.
When it comes to food there are many local and traditional dishes. ‘Bigos’ is the Polish national dish and is highly recommended. It consists of sauerkraut which is cabbage mixed with meat. This forms a delicious stew. There are also other dishes that we recommend for you to try which are ’Pierogi’, ’Barszcz’, ’Zurek’, ’Zrazy’, and ’Flaki’. The Polish cuisine also offers sweets. For example ‘Obwerzanek’ which is a ring-shaped pastry is very delicious as well as their cheese cake with chocolate icing. Maybe drink a nice cup of warm coffee or cocoa alongside it.
You should visit the Masurian Lake District because it is simply amazing. This is the perfect place for experiencing nature with your family or friends. Book your NOVASOL holiday cottage for your self catering holiday in Poland today.