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The island of Andros, Greece

The island of Andros in Greece is the second largest island of the Cyclades before Naxos. The nature and atmosphere of the island is very green because of it’s special climate, which also gives the island it’s rivers that have water circulating all year. The landscape and surroundings invites you to hike and experience this beautiful, typical Greek island. Apart from this there also awaits the opportunity to visit lots of museums. This is because the island has been populated for 7000 years. On Andros there are a lot of churches that you can visit. Stay in one of the holiday villas that NOVASOL has to offer for self catering and experience the Greek culture on Andros. Food is a big part of holidays. On Andros you will find fresh seafood caught the same day in the ocean surrounding the island. Other than this you will also find other Greek specialties such as Moussaka, Souvlaki and much more. Andros has many small villages where you can taste this great local food. Vegetables and fruit is grown on the island itself naturally. There are several town squares and restaurants on Andros where you can sit along the sea and enjoy life while eating some local food and enjoying a glass of ouzo or an ice coffee. There are lots of smaller and larger shops for those who fancy shopping. There are over 100 beaches on Andros that are located in small, romantic bays. These invite you for a swim in the clear water that Greece is famous for. There are beaches with bars and parties for those who would like it but here are also smaller beaches that are more quiet where you can just relax and enjoy the sun. Stay with NOVASOL in one of our holiday homes to experience this in the best way possible. Arrival takes place by ferry from the town Rafina on Attica.