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The castle Marsvinsholm in Sweden

The castle Marsvinsholm is located in the southern part of Sweden. Apart from being a castle it is also a large park with a beautiful garden that you can visit. This place is definitely worth a visit from your NOVASOL holiday home for self catering. On the outdoor stage in the garden there will be Swedish actors and singers who perform during summer.
The castle used to belong to Danish King Valdemar and later Danish Otte Marsvin who came to name the castle ‘Marsvinsholm’. Between 1675 and 1679 the castle was taken back by the Swedish crown and has since belonged to Sweden along with the area it is located in. NOVASOL has holiday homes near this fantastic castle that will make it easy for you to visit and have fun with the family. There is also an old rail road which the children will surely love. Book your NOVASOL holiday home in Sweden today and explore Marsvinsholm castle and its beautiful garden.