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Holiday cottages in Sweden

Sweden is a very popular holiday destination, and with the country’s well established infrastructure, it’s always easy to get where you are going! If you choose to spend your holiday in one of NOVASOL’s holiday cottages, we would warmly recommend you to book a self catering holiday cottage near the capital, Stockholm. See the many historical, well preserved buildings, maybe have a look at a few of the museums, and last but not least, experience the beautiful city’s nightlife, with its countless bars, cafes, and nightclubs. Another highlight of Sweden is the city Malmö. Here you can see ‘Øresundsbroen’, which connects Sweden and Denmark, and is one of the worlds longest suspension bridges. The harbour is also worth a visit, and with its large ferries and numerous fishing vessels, it really ads life to the city. The area is, with its numerous lakes and rivers, well known for its great fishing opportunities. If you’re lucky, you can catch fish of up to 10 kg, and if you are even luckier still, you can break to record for the largest fish caught on this part of the Swedish coastline, 1 meter. NOVASOL has everything from small cozy holiday cottages for 2 people, also called ‘stuga’ in Swedish, to large luxury holiday cottages with a private indoor pool. Common for most of our self catering holiday cottages in Sweden is that they are typically Swedish houses, furnished individually to the owners tastes. There is something for everyone, and we are sure that everyone can find something which is perfect for just the holiday they are looking for. As always with NOVASOL, the rule is that the earlier you book, the larger the selection. Lastly, we can not promise that you will see a moose on your holiday in Sweden, but it is fairly common.