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Spring in beautiful Rome

One of the most stunning cities in Italy is Rome. It has the domicile of the Christian belief as well as the Pope. This building is well guarded and has high security and is definitely worth a visit. It is also a building where thousands of pilgrims venture to, coming from all over the world. Julius Caesar ruled the Roman Empire from Rome and initiated many wars while he also managed The Colosseum in Rome where many gladiators fought for their lives. According to history Rome was spoken of all the way back to 753 years B.C. but with new archaeological findings it has been proved that the ground that Rome is situated on today was tread on by humans a few decades before 753 B.C. You can start your self catering holiday in Rome in one of NOVASOL’s holiday homes that are of the highest quality. The food in Rome comes in many different shapes and sizes but all of it tastes deliciousl. For example you could taste local Italian food and wine which will create the perfect Italian atmosphere. Simple dishes such as “Spaghetti al dente”, pizza or seafood is very popular and very Italian. In this city nothing is impossible. The night-life in Rome is also unique. During the evening Rome turns into a beautiful wonder since many of the buildings are indirectly lit. In Rome you can forget about your every day’s stress and worrying. There are many museums that are worth visiting such as the museum called “Capitolini” as well as the Vaticani-museums that are located in a certain area called “Vaticani”. Rome is one of the most cultural cities in all of Europe. It has many beautiful attractions such as the Pantheon which is an antique building with a beautiful cubic roof. There are also amazing palaces and churches. All of these attractions are part of what make Rome such an incredible city. Book your NOVASOL holiday home in Rome today and get to experience the wonders that are located in the city of Rome.