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Orvieto - History and Wine

The old Etruscan town called “Velzna” was supposedly located in Orvieto. This town is worth visiting because of its many historical buildings and because of the fact that it is part of the movement called “Cittaslow” which means “Slow City”. This means there is a different infrastructure, policy and environment here than in many other places. For example, you will not find any fast food restaurants anywhere near the town. The cathedral is a must-see along with other churches and the monastery. Orvieto is also the name of the local wine in this region (Orvieto DOC) where almost 1500 wine cellars produce white wines of the highest quality. Red wines are also produced, but not to the same extent. NOVASOL offers holiday homes for self catering near this beautiful town which gives you the opportunity to explore its depths. Orvieto was, as mentioned, a centre for the Etruscan civilization. Therefore you can learn about the Etruscan history in the archaeological museum called “Museo Claudio Faina e Museo Civico”. This museum has some of the artefacts that have been found from the Etruscan era. Orvieto was also conquered by Caesar in the Roman time and therefore has a Roman history too. This should also be experienced while visiting. The town was very difficult to lay under siege because of its location. It is located on a bed of volcanic rocks and cliffs. Orvieto’s history is too long to explain in so few words and should be experienced and learned about in one or more of the many museums. Other attractions in this lovely place are the cathedral, the former papal residence and the underground tunnel system. These tunnels were used to escape from the town if it was under siege or being conquered. Today there are guided tours through these tunnels which are very exciting. The tunnels cannot be accessed without being on one of these tours however. Stay with NOVASOL in Orvieto and get to experience this amazing town and everything it has to offer on your self catering holiday.