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NOVASOL castles and manors in all of France

In France there are many castles and manors. These are located in nearly every region of France. NOVASOL has many of these types of holiday homes, or holiday castles, with each of their own aesthetic characteristics. These are great for self catering holidays for huge families and large groups in a luxurious environment.
If you want to go on a holiday in France with a private atmosphere then NOVASOL holiday homes are perfect for you. Here you will find large pools and maybe your own wellness area. The castles near Loire or the manors in Bretagne have their own unique architectural style.
The popular French cuisine, which of course can be found in all of France, is very delicious. If you wish to cook for yourselves then there are kitchens with all the commodities you need. Cooking can become an adventure with the whole family while going on holiday with NOVASOL. It might also turn into a cosy evening with a delicious glass of French wine.
A holiday in a castle will be a very special experience and with friends and family this will, without a doubt, become a very unique time of your life, especially when thinking of all the activities in and out of the castle. During the morning you can explore the surroundings of the castle, after lunch you can relax by the pool or wellness area and in the evening you can relax in one of the large living rooms. You can throw darts or play by the pool table while drinking lovely French wine.
The French people call this way of life ‘savoir vivre’ which means to have a good time. In a castle from NOVASOL it will be easy to relax and have a good time. These holiday castles and homes for self catering are everything you need on a holiday with many friends, a large family or special events – maybe a marriage?