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Jazz festival in Perugia, Umbria

Perugia is the capital of the Italian region of Umbria. It’s a beautiful old town, which dates back further than Rome, with well preserved old buildings, churches, plazas, and cozy cafes and restaurants. Exploring the old winding cobbled streets is a great way to really get a feel for the city. Umbria is slowly gaining popularity as a great destination for self catering holiday homes, as it offers many of the same things as the famous region of Toscana, but with better prices and less tourists. Compared to the cities in Toscana, you’ll find similarly great food in the towns of Umbria. Quality is just as high as you would expect, and the food goes perfectly with the famous local red and white-wines. With a self catering NOVASOL holiday villa in Umbria, you are never far from any of the attractions in the area, and the region has a lot on offer. Every year in July Perugia hosts one of Europe’s most famous jazz festivals, and the city comes alive with concerts and events by world famous artists such as Sting, Al Garreau, or Diana Krall. Book a holiday home in the area and go to Perugia during the festival to see world class live jazz music on a number of different stages, in styles such as swing, bebop, and Latin jazz. The city is also bustling with street artists, and there are many concerts by lesser known, but often just as interesting artists. When you are not at the jazz festival, you should travel around and experience beautiful Umbria around your self catering holiday home. Perugia also has a lot to offer if you want to experience ever nook and cranny of the stunning city. It is filled to the brim with both classic and modern art in both galleries and museums, and the narrow cobbled streets and busy avenues create a great atmosphere, which you can enjoy from one of the many cozy cafes and restaurants. Watch the video to learn more about ‘Umbria Jazz’, the jazz festival in Perugia, and get an idea of what it’s like.