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Horse Centre 'Rádpuszta' by Lake Balaton

For those who fancy horses this equestrian area by Lake Balaton in Hungary is something you must visit. Apart from beautiful horses there are also daily shows where the horses have the main role. Become inspired and spend your self catering holiday with family and friends no matter what their age is.
Here you will have the opportunity to experience the Hungarians’ typical lives with your NOVASOL holiday home by Lake Balaton. You will be able to see impressive performances and shows with amazing horses that are going to steal your full focus and attention. These shows will amaze anyone, whether you are a horse fanatic or not, because they are simply stunning. There are also tours that go to the countryside that are offered daily. Here you will get the opportunity to see the wine country where you will see vineyards from which the grapes are pressed and made into wine.
There are exceptionally delicious local dishes served in Hungary. Hungarian food is typically grilled or boiled and there are many different specialties that also taste fantastic. Hungary also has fresh fruit, baked bread and seasonal vegetables.
In some places you might run into a certain kind of local women that wear old costumes of very bright colours. These are traditional Hungarian dancers that perform their culturally Hungarian dances which are really fun to experience and see. Hungary has many different things to offer and the country and its people in general are very friendly and welcoming.
There are many attractions to visit such as national parks, wildlife parks, nature reserves and much more. Hungary has everything your heart can desire such as several attractions, a nice civilization, delicious food and a beautiful landscape. NOVASOL has holiday homes for self catering that are an ideal starting point for those who wish to explore and experience all of this. Visit Hungary and become inspired while staying in your NOVASOL holiday home.