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Holiday homes in Spain

Situated prominently in south-western Europe, Spain is a country which has always been loved by people from northern Europe. Spain is a country of incredible diversity. Few other nations vary so much between their different regions. Because of this, there is something for everyone in Spain, whether you are looking for golden beaches or misty mountains. Catalonia in northern Spain has a wonderful coastline with broad white sandy beaches. Here you will find many small cozy and interesting places, towns that buzz with life, and small picturesque villages inland that havent changed since the turn of the last century. There are self catering NOVASOL holiday villas all over Spain, but we have a particularly strong selection in Catalonia. The region is the birthplace of artists such as Salvador Dali, who was born in Cadaques, and the architect Antoni Gaudi, who has designed buildings all over the world. The capital of the region is Barcelona, a busy metropolis filled to the brim with activites and attractions., such as the world famous cathedral of ‘Sagrada Familia’ whose twelve towers are still under construction today. Barcelona is also famous for the ‘Rambla’, a broad pedestrian avenue with many shops, stalls, and street performers. The Rambla is also famous for its living statues, street performers in costumes who remain completely still to impersonate statues. They make money letting themselves be photographed with tourists. The landscape and the beaches around Barcelona are an attraction in themselves, particularly the ‘Tibidabo’, the tallest mountain in the region. There are many other great destinations to book your holiday rental in Spain. Have a look at the regions of Costa Dorado, Costa del Alzahar, and Costa de Almeria which all provide you with the opportunity for a great holiday. Costa del Sol is also a good option, and so is Costa de la Luz in Andalusia.