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Holiday cottages in Norway

The power of nature - Norway’s nature is an absolutely incredible experience all year round, and a NOVASOL holiday cottage is the perfect way to experience it. In the south the country is carved up by stunning fjords (large mountainous inlets) and small and large rivers, while the North you can experience the famous northern lights. These contrasts are an inherent part of Norwegian nature, and if you take a drive up the coast of southern Norway you will be blown away by the dramatic a varied nature. Flowers and trees flourish along the coast, in view of snow covered mountains and 1.000 year old glaciers. It’s like driving through winter and spring at the same time. Another thing you will notice is the crystal clear glacial water that fills the bays, and reflects the towering mountains in a most spectacular way. Norway is a paradise for fisherman, and a great destination for those who would like to try catching some of the many species of fish that live in the country’s rivers. Rent a boat and sail out onto one on the water, and it is common to catch fish of up to 10 kg. Many of NOVASOL’s self catering holiday cottages in Norway have a boat included. Norway’s culture is strongly maritime and very interesting. Visit one of the many museums showcasing Norways great maritime history, from viking sailboats to modern shipping vessels and renewable energy. If you’re delving into Norway’s history, you should not miss a visit to one of the many beautiful stave churches in the region. Norwegian food is great, and particularly seafood is generally of very high quality. In cities like Stavanger in the south, Bergen in the west, and Trondheim in central Norway, there is ample opportunity to taste freshly caught seafood. If you are eating salmon or trout, it is is very likely that it was caught the morning of the same day. In Bergen you can experience the famous fisherman’s square, and the ‘National Stage’, Norway’s oldest theater.