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Holiday homes in France

In this video we would like to introduce you to France, the premier European holiday destination. France is famous for its incredible array of historical and cultural attractions, and we warmly recommend you visit the country on your next holiday. There’s something for everyone in France. Lovely French wines, the delicious French food, and the mountain ranges in the south and east, and the golden beaches by the Mediterranean. Many cities offer the typical ‘vive la France’, and also historical and cultural attractions. France is well known for its stunning museums, which with their internationally known exhibitions give you insight into indescribable art. A visit to the capital Paris takes you past the Eiffel tower, the famous cathedral Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and the famous Louvre museum, yet we are only mentioning a few select attractions. You could not experience everything Paris has to offer in a lifetime. Bordeaux, by the Atlantic sea, is famous for its wines, while Champagne, in north-eastern France, is the only place in the world where Champagne can be legally produced. Visit ‘Cote d’Azur’ by the Mediterranean, which has countless little harbour towns, which are definitely worth a visit. Northern France offers a number of great historical attractions due to the area’s significance during the second world war. In Normandy you will find many well preserved historical buildings, and on the island “Mont St. Michel”, you can see stunning architecture in its narrow alleyways and small shops. Among other French attractions worth noting are Arcachon, the worlds largest dune which is also known as ‘Dune de Pilat’, the Versaille palace in western Paris, Disneyland Paris, and the many cathdrals and small churches spread across all of France. No matter where you choose to rent a self catering NOVASOL holiday home in France, there will always be something nearby which is worth exploring.