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Experience glass art in Sweden

The company Målerås, located in the town of the same name, has recently become one of the worlds largest glass works. The company is lead by artist Mats Jonasson, who has been working there since 1981. Målerås has always specialised in beautiful glass artwork and other items such as vases and glasses. The history of Målerås stretches all the way back to 1890, and in certain periods it was thought that the workshop would go bankrupt, but the town of Målerås considers the company so important to their town that they managed to collect money to save the old glass workshop. Today there are 50 employees in the company, and it has become very popular. With a self catering NOVASOL holiday cottage in the area, you can easily visit the workshop, which is a very unique experience, while also experiencing the scenic town of Målerås and the surrounding countryside. Book a NOVASOL holiday cottage in Sweden and experience Målerås, a cozy little Swedish town with a world famous glass workshop.