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Elba, Italy - An island in the Mediterranean

Elba the island is part of the Tuscan archipelago (group of islands) approximately 10 kilometres from the Italian mainland. In order to get there you take the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio. A holiday villa with NOVASOL gives you the opportunity to explore this island and all its small villages as well as its countless beaches with fine, white sand. This island is very green and has endless horizons, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water as well as a rich history with myths that stretch for a very long period of time. The weather on the island is full of sunshine so that you can enjoy the Italian environment while being completely relaxed. Whether you fancy history, sport, relaxation or a mix between all the latter; Elba can satisfy all your needs in every way possible. A self catering holiday on Elba is truly an experience for life. In Marina di Campo there is an aquarium that most tourists find very interesting. Its size is over 1000 square metres and it houses 60 aquariums with about 150,000 litres of water in them. There are also displays with animals and plants in them. The aquarium is open from mid-March until the beginning of November. You can also go on a sailing trip with the ferry Nautilus. This ferry has an underwater window from which fish and plants in the ocean can be seen. The aesthetic feel of Elba is filled with botanic gardens among other things that give this island a special feeling. With a NOVASOL holiday villa on Elba you will have the ideal starting place on your holiday to go and experience all of these things. There is also a cable car that takes you to the top of Monte Capanne which is about 1018 metres tall. There are beautiful viewing points where you can enjoy food and drinks. On Elba time passes quickly and you forget about the everyday’s burdens. Book your NOVASOL holiday villa for self catering on Elba today.