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Holiday homes in Germany

Welcome to Germany! In this short video we will show you some of the highlights of NOVASOL’s holiday homes and holiday rentals in Germany. The typical holiday home is built in a classic German style, close Rhine and Mosel rivers. Some of the best German wines are also from this area. Close to Berlin, in the Muggelsee area, we have a selection of houseboats, for those looking for a different kind of city holiday. About 60 km south of Berlin we have a selection of holiday rentals which are situated right next to the ‘Tropical Islands’ water park, and free access is included in the booking. Tropical Islands is inside an old zeppelin hangar, which has been refurbished into a Caribbean holiday paradise. If you’re near Berlin, you should also consider visiting the Spreewald, where you can attend traditional celebrations. If you are looking for a holiday spent in beautiful surroundings, you should visit Schönhagen by the Baltic sea, where gorgeous NOVASOL self catering holiday homes are right on the cost, with stunning views over the ocean and countryside. another highlight on the German east coast is the Rügen island. Book a holiday home on the island and experience its great natural beauty and well preserved history. Take a trip with the old refurbished train ‘Rasender Roland’, or visit the lighthouse built in the early 20. century. Germany’s north-western coast is known for the Wadden sea, which is particularly stunning at low tide where you can explore the unique environment. The area is famous among ornithologists all over the world. The northern coast is also known for the sight of grassy fields, covered in grazing sheep. Rent a bike, or hop on your own, If you want to really explore everything this area has to offer. If you are visiting southern Germany, Bayern stands out with its towering mountains and stunning landscape. This is also where the famous ‘Oktoberfest’ is celebrated.