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Destination Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most varying countries in Europe. Towards the North you have the Alps. Towards the West you have Balkans. The Mediterranean Sea is towards West and Croatia is towards South. Northern Slovenia is vastly characterized by the Alps and the Austrian influence. The architecture and lifestyle in Slovenia varies a lot depending on where people originate from; whether they are from the area around The Mediterranean Sea, The Alps or the Balkan countries.The same goes for the food. The food is a lot of Austrian specialties, refinement from the Balkan countries or goodies from The Mediterranean. The delicious wine from Slovenia must not be forgotten either. Another highlight from Slovenia is their nature reserves and stunning nature. There are several forests and rivers that will impress you every time you take a glance. The landscape almost looks surreal. Whether you love the colourful autumn or the blooming spring you will be amazed just the same by Slovenia’s nature all year round. In the Alps there is opportunity to go skiing, hiking or bicycling through forests or past castles. You could also simply enjoy the view of The Mediterranean sea on the coast. Slovenia’s winter offers glowing snow and a beautiful, white landscape. There are several slopes for skiing and other winter sports and the holiday homes that NOVASOL has for you to rent. There are also cross country skiing areas where a NOVASOL holiday home for self catering would be perfect. Some of the houses have swimming pools but you should still plan a visit past the coastal line. Slovenia’s coast is only 50 kilometers long but there are still charming beaches and impressive rocks along the coast. You could also visit some of the caves that are in Slovenia. No matter where you are in Slovenia there will always be something exciting to try. Book your NOVASOL self catering holiday home today