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Destination Poland

NOVASOL holiday homes in Poland are the perfect place for you to stay when wanting to go on a relaxing holiday, whether it is with your family or your significant other. Poland neighbours Germany and therefore is easy to drive to from the rest of Europe. The landscape in Poland varies a lot and is very interesting for people that fancy hiking and bicycling. Their nature has crystal clear lakes, crazy rivers, large green forests and fantastic mountains towards the South and East. Poland gives you the chance to go on an adventurous holiday with your family and a NOVASOL holiday home for self catering will make this even easier while being of the highest quality. It is easy to rent cars or bikes so that you can get around however you wish and to where ever you wish. You could go to small and cosy villages or to exciting cities. Polish food varies but is mostly influenced by Eastern Europe and Russian food. A typical dish is the soup called “Kapusniak”. This dish is very simple yet delicious. The Polish people are very helpful and nice. Those who plan to visit Polish cities should visit the capital Warsaw. This city has many attractions worth visiting. The old part of town was built in the 13th century. Here you will find a unique atmosphere as well as charming coffee houses where you can enjoy something to eat or drink. The city Gdansk should also be visited. It lies next to the river Gdania which runs out to Gdansk’s bay. This city is one of the most interesting cities in all of Poland. It has exciting history to tell which can be learned from in several museums. The city also has historical buildings, statues and sculptures that create a unique environment. There are also regions in Poland with beautiful landscape for those who like nature. Rent your NOVASOL holiday home when on your self catering holiday to Poland.