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Destination Hungary

Hungary is a country with many different impressions. Next to the longest river, called “Danube”, lie several small villages as well as Budapest, Hungary’s capital. This historical city offers many various attractions to explore and experience. The Hungarian Parliament was built in the year of 1900 and is right next to the river. This building is truly an architectural masterpiece. Many tourists come to visit and see this building each year and it manages to astonish everyone who sees it. Other attractions in this city are the Hungarian State Opera House, Buda Castle and Hungary’s National Theatre. There are also many exquisite restaurants that offer local Hungarian food. Budapest has many places to relax and de-stress. There are over 120 natural thermal springs where people go to forget their troubles and stress. The water is always warm here. It is even around 23 degrees Celsius during the winter. The Hungarians claim that these springs have a healing effect. Rent a NOVASOL holiday home in Budapest today and decide for yourself whether the thermal springs have a healing effect or not. A holiday home near the river “Balaton” in the Western part of Hungary is also great. Here there are many beaches with beautiful scenery where people go to swim. You can also enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants that are located along the river where they serve specialities from the area. People who fancy water sports will also love to stay here. There is opportunity to go sailing, water skiing and diving not to mention many other attractions. A NOVASOL holiday home for your self catering holiday in these areas will give you the perfect place to stay. Chili peppers are very popular in Hungary as well as the dish called Goulash. These things can be bought everywhere and cannot be found alike anywhere else. Rent your NOVASOL holiday home in Budapest today..