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Destination Holland

Holland or The Netherlands is a great destination for those who wish to go on a holiday that is not too expensive or far away from home. NOVASOL holiday homes in Holland offer a quiet and relaxed environment so you can enjoy your holiday as much as possible. Holland has many beaches by the beautiful sea as well as islands in the region “Friesland”. Here there are long beaches with sand. South of Haag, where the international court is, lies the Zeeland which is known for having great opportunities to wind surf and kite surf. It has become like this after they built “Brouwersdamm” in 1980. A holiday home for self catering with NOVASOL would be the ideal place to start your holiday to Holland. Rotterdam has the biggest harbour of Europe and this should not be missed. It is bigger than some towns. Another great place to visit is Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. This beautiful city is very popular and famous among tourists etc. The city has old, charming buildings that have been renovated so they still look great. There are also canals that run through most of the city. NOVASOL also has houseboats that you can rent and live on these canals. This is an experience that cannot be found many other places. In Amsterdam they get on their bicycles a lot. They have many bike lanes so if you feel like going for a spin then there is every opportunity in the world to do so. NOVASOL holiday homes for self catering have good locations in Amsterdam so that you can get out and explore the capital of Holland. There are also areas that are more rural and perfect for bicycling or hiking. Here you can admire historical windmills and tulip fields. Holland is very famous for their tulips, especially in Keukenhof. Flower enthusiasts should definitely visit this. The city Gouda is also famous, mostly for its cheese, which is named after the city itself. Rent your NOVASOL holiday home for self catering today.