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Destination Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most varying countries in the heart of Europe. Many different cultures have left their mark on this country. Today, tourists from all across the world come to spend their holiday in the Czech Republic. Prague, the capital, is located around the North-western part of the country. This city is split into two areas by the river called “Vltava”. In the old town lie Wenceslas Square and Charley Bridge as well as many museums that display different eras and various architectural styles. Many of the beautiful buildings are also worth visiting during the night. This is because some of them are lit up by spotlights. This creates stunning scenery in a city that rarely sleeps. Prague Castle is located close to the river and the old town and is also worth visiting. With a NOVASOL holiday home for your self catering holiday, you will get the best place to start. Join us in the Czech Republic and visit all of its many attractions. The Czech Republic also has many other places that are exciting. For example there are the regions Plzen and Bohemian. These areas are popular because of the two beers that have originated from this area; Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar. This makes many people come to visit each year. Here you can experience how the beers are made, where they grow the hops as well as historical buildings and breweries that are related to the beers. The Czech Republic is especially interesting for those who fancy history and culture. There are many museums where you can learn about Czech history as well as churches with beautiful architectural styles. A NOVASOL holiday home will give you the right place to stay when going on your self catering holiday to the Czech Republic. Whether you want to go to the countryside or to the larger cities; the Czech Republic has it all. Book your NOVASOL holiday home in the Czech Republic today.