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Destination Belgium

Visit Belgium and stay in one of NOVASOLs holiday homes for self catering. This wonderful country will impress you with all its beautiful landscapes and its stunning coast. This makes Belgium the perfect country when going on a holiday, whether it is with your family or your significant other. NOVASOL holiday homes are a great start for your holiday in Belgium. The homes are nicely furnished with comfortable furniture.
If you love history then there are definitely many attractions for you to see. The capital, Brussels, is much more than just the capital. It is also the capital in all of the European Union (also called EU). Brussels has many attractions such as the famous pralines, chocolate, waffles, French fries and beers. One of the most famous attractions is the Atomonium. This building is 102 metres tall and depicts a model of an iron crystal. It was built for the art exhibition “Expo 58”. It was supposed to symbolise peaceful handling of nuclear energy. It is constructed of stainless steel and each cube has a diameter of 18 meters while the pillars are 23 metres long. The cube on the top is used as an observatory from which there is the most beautiful view. Another interesting city is Antwerp. This city will impress the ladies with its diamond district. Antwerp is especially famous for its diamond district where 84 % of all uncut diamonds pass through. No other city in the world has this much to tell about diamonds. Because of this you must visit this city and its diamond district when going on holiday with your wife or significant other. In Belgium there is much to be learned about history and politics. Belvue Museum in Brussels has exhibitions about Belgian history where there is much to be learned. Belgian history starts in 1830 with a revolution and ends in the present. You can learn to sail in Belgium or go to the coast by the North Sea where you can wind surf. Horse riding is also very popular. Book your NOVASOL holiday home for your self catering holiday today. 

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