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Chocolate fair in Perugia, Italy

Umbria is one of the regions in Italy, where food and drinks play a very important role in the culture. The capital in Umbria, Perugia, should definitely be visited from your NOVASOL holiday home. This video shows you a delicious event in Perugia; the annual chocolate fair. Here you can buy thousands of treats with chocolate as well as sweet or savoury pastries. Perugia is perfect for those who wish to have a culinary adventure included in their self catering holiday.
There are many beautiful and old houses in Perugia. Some of these are cultural treasures waiting for you to explore them. You can go for a walk in one of the cosy streets and enjoy a cup of coffee in a charming cafe. During parts of the day all traffic is not allowed in the town, which makes it easy to walk around and not be bothered. Book your NOVASOL holiday home today in Perugia and experience the annual chocolate fair, a rich culture and much more.