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Bunschoten-Spakenburg - the Netherlands

In the Dutch town called ‘Bunschoten-Spakenburg’ live 20,000 people, when counting the villages ‘Eemdijk’ and ‘Zevenhuizen’ as well, who all take great pride in their heritage. The town is located in Bunschoten which is a municipality that was started by the bishop of the region called ‘Utrecht’ in the year of 1204. Here you will have the opportunity to learn much about the area’s history and culture which is very rich. There are many things to experience such as a historical shipyard, locals in colourful and cultural costumes as well as many other things. All of this makes this town an amazing place to spend your self catering holiday in. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will make it much more practical and easy to get around to the different attractions.
Many tourists visit this exciting town each year to experience the culture and history that it has to offer, which is quite much. There is also local art sold if one fancies that. There are many delicious restaurants, cafes and convenience stores. Especially around the town square you will find life and places to eat or drink. If you go to the countryside, near the lake called ‘Eem’ where a ferry sails, you will find flourmills. If you are lucky you will find a place where the sweet local people will offer you their delicate specialties. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will have the opportunity to explore Bunschoten-Spakenburg and everything it has to offer on your self catering holiday.
On Saturdays the town square turns into a market with stalls where people sell everything you can dream of while sometimes wearing their cultural and colourful costumes. These costumes often consist of funny white hats and floral dresses. There are many different attractions in this town and the surrounding area if you wish to experience a cultural and historical aspect of the Netherlands. Stay with NOVASOL in a holiday home for self catering in Bunschoten-Spakenburg and get to experience everything this amazing place has to offer.