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Bergen - Norway at its best

Bergen is probably one of the most authentic Norwegian cities. There are many tourist attractions that await your exploration while you stay in your NOVASOL holiday home. One of the city’s trademarks is the historical area “Bryggen”. Bryggen consists of houses that are located in a row along the pier. This area used to be a trade center of the North. The houses still stand in historical condition; built of wood and with an interior that reflects Norway’s history. The city of Bergen was built in the year of 1070; meaning almost a thousand years ago. Since then it has developed itself to become Norway’s second largest city. Bergen has lost buildings several times due to large fires. This has caused some of the houses in Bryggen to burn down, but they have been rebuilt in their original state. Because of this the houses have not changed much in their aesthetic look since the 12th century. Today the houses mostly contain stores in which you can buy Norwegian souvenirs. In 1979 Bergen was awarded the “UNESCO World Heritage Site” price. NOVASOL has holiday homes for self catering in Bergen that will give you the opportunity to travel around in Bergen while staying in holiday homes of the highest quality. Bergen also has a large seafood market where there are many fresh fish and shellfish as well as dried fish. Bergen is also a popular destination for cruise ships. There is one cruise ship that sails to the North along Norway’s coastal line all the way up to “Hammerfest”. This city has titled itself the world’s most northern city. “Fløibanen” is a railroad that takes you up to the mountains in Bergen. This is also a very popular tourist attraction that should not be missed! You should also visit the mansion “Gamlehuagen” where Norway’s first prime minister used to live and where the royal family of Norway resides today, while you stay in one of the holiday cottages that NOVASOL offers. Rent your holiday home today and stay in one of Norway’s most popular cities.