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A walk through stunning Stockholm

Particular during summer, you will be struck by the beauty and charm of the Swedish capital Stockholm, which is spread out across hundreds of islands. During summer, the streets bustle with life, ships pull into the harbour, and music can be heard in many of the magnificent squares. If you book a NOVASOL holiday cottage near Stockholm, the city is definitely worth a visit. Visit the grand opera house, or one of the many theaters, galleries, and museums. Another option is the amusement park ‘Gröna Lund’, which is very popular among families with children. Along with a host of fun rides, there is also a large stage where musicians and other artists perform. Stockholm, along with the surrounding area, has a good public transport network, making it easy to explore anything you would like. Book a NOVASOL self catering holiday cottage near Stockholm, and explore the culture and history that live on in the Swedish capital.